What is ISO 22301:2012 Certification

This standard specifies requirements to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise. The requirements specified in this standard are generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations, or parts thereof, regardless of type, size and nature of the organization. The extent of application of these requirements depends on the organization's operating environment and complexity.


When implemented properly, business continuity management will decrease the possibility of a disruptive incident, and if such incident does occur, an organization will be ready to respond in an appropriate way, thus drastically decreasing the potential damage of such incident.

ISO 22301:2012 Relationship with BS:25999-2

ISO 22301 has replaced 25999-2 – these two standards are rather similar, but ISO 22301 could be considered an upgraded version of BS 25999-2.


1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Terms and definitions
4. Context of the organization
5. Leadership
6. Planning
7. Support
8. Operation
9. Performance evaluation
10. Improvement

Mandatory documents required

If an organization wants to implement this standard, the following documentation is mandatory:
• List of applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements
• Scope of the BCMS
• Business Continuity Policy
• Business continuity objectives
• Evidence of personnel competences
• Records of communication with interested parties
• Business impact analysis
• Risk assessment, including risk appetite
• Incident response structure
• Business continuity plans
• Recovery procedures
• Results of preventive actions
• Results of monitoring and measurement
• Results of internal audit
• Results of management review
• Results of corrective actions

How to get / what is Process for ISO certification?

To get the ISO certification, please fill up below given form & our team will contact you. Step-1 Query from the Client Step-2 Filling up the Application form Step-3 Agreement Approval Step-4 Stage-1 Audit Step-5 Stage-1 Audit NC’s Closing Step-6 Stage-2 Audit Step-7 Stage-2 Audit NC’s Closing Step-8 Certificate Release

ISO 22301