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What is ISO 21827:2008 Certification

ISO / IEC 21827:2008 Deal with the Systems Security Engineering - Capability Maturity Model (SSE-CMM), which describes the essential characteristics of an organization's security engineering process. ISO / IEC 21827: 2008 does not prescribe a particular process or sequence. The model is a standard metric for security engineering practices covering development, operation, maintenance and decommissioning activities.

Advantage of ISO 21827:2008 Certification

o ISO / IEC 21827 has several phases including development, operation, maintenance and decommissioning activities;
o The whole organization, including management, organizational and engineering activities;
o Concurrent interactions with other disciplines, such as system, software, hardware, human factors and test engineering; system management, operation and maintenance;
o Interactions with other organizations, including acquisition, system management, certification, accreditation and evaluation.

ISO 21827:2008 Objective

The objective is to increase the maturity of the security engineering process within the organization. The SSE-CMM® is related to other CMMs which focus on different engineering disciplines and topic areas and can be used in combination or conjunction with them.

ISO 21827:2008 Now and History

ISO 21827:2008 standard first released in year 2002 and later on upgraded in 2008 with main 7 clauses and Four Annexure are as follows:
1. Introduction & Scope
2. References
3. Terms & Condition
4. Background
5. Structure of the Document
6. Model Architecture
7. Security Base Practice
Annexure Annex A-Generic Practices
Annex B-Project & Organizational Base Practices
Annex C-Capability Maturity Model Concepts
Annex D-Generic Practices

How to get / what is Process for ISO certification?

To get the ISO certification, please fill up below given form & our team will contact you.
Step-1 Query from the Client
Step-2 Filling up the Application form
Step-3 Agreement Approval
Step-4 Stage-1 Audit
Step-5 Stage-1 Audit NC’s Closing
Step-6 Stage-2 Audit
Step-7 Stage-2 Audit NC’s Closing
Step-8 Certificate Release