What is ISO 25000:2014 Certification

ISO 25000:2014 provides guidance for the use of the new series of International Standards named Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE). The purpose of ISO/IEC 25000:2014 is to provide a general overview of SQuaRE contents, common reference models and definitions, as well as the relationship among the documents, allowing users of the Guide a good understanding of those series of standards, according to their purpose of use. It also contains an explanation of the transition process between the old ISO/IEC 9126 and the ISO/IEC 14598 series and SQuaRE.


The general goal of creating the SQuaRE set of International Standards was to move to a logically organized, enriched and unified series covering two main processes: software quality requirements specification and systems and software quality evaluation, supported by a systems and software quality measurement process. The purpose of the SQuaRE set of International Standards is to assist those developing and acquiring systems and software products with the specification and evaluation of quality requirements. It establishes criteria for the specification of systems and software product quality requirements, their measurement, and evaluation. It includes a two-part quality model for aligning customer definitions of quality with attributes of the development process. In addition, the series provides recommended measures of systems and software product quality attributes that can be used by developers, acquirers, and evaluators.

ISO 25000:2014(SQuaRE) Series of Standard

• — ISO/IEC 2500n, Quality Management Division,
• — ISO/IEC 2501n, Quality Model Division,
• — ISO/IEC 2502n, Quality Measurement Division,
• — ISO/IEC 2503n, Quality Requirements Division, and
• — ISO/IEC 2504n, Quality Evaluation Division.


This standard first released in year 2005 and later on upgraded in 2014 with main 5 clauses and Three Annexure are as follows:
1. Introduction & Scope
2. Conformance
3. References
4. Terms & Condition
5. SQuaRE
Annex A-Relationship between SQuaRE series and other ISO Standards
Annex B-History and Transition process Annex
Annex C-Example of the application of ISO/IEC 25000 SQuaRE series of standards
Annex D-Background and needs for SQuaRE series.

How to get / what is Process for ISO certification?

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Step-8 Certificate Release