Certification ISO 27701:2019: Demonstrating accreditation in privacy information management

At Quality Control Certification (QCC), we know how important quality is to the success of your company. In the current digital age, data privacy is important. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the collection, use, and security of their personal data. The ISO 27701:2019 certifications is a useful way to show your dedication to ethical data security practices.

What is ISO Certification?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) creates a large number of globally accepted standards for a variety of businesses. ISO certification of an organization indicates its compliance with specific requirements listed in the ISO standard. Information security is the primary focus of the ISO 27000 family of standards, providing a foundation for businesses to create and maintain strong information security processes.

Understanding ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

An information security management system is built on top of ISO 27001 (ISMS). Information risk management can be done methodically using an ISMS, which guarantees the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of information resources. By offering an extensive list of recommended practices for information security controls, ISO 27002 supports ISO 27001 in every aspect. Access control, encryption, and physical security are just a few of the information security-related topics that these controls cover.

What is ISO 27701:2019 Certification?

Building on the foundation of ISO 27001, ISO 27701:2019 provides an extension that is specifically targeted toward privacy information management. It helps businesses set up a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), which is essential to efficiently monitor the collection, storage, use, and discard of personal information.

Achieving ISO 27701 certification offers several key benefits:

  • Increased Customer Trust and Confidence: It shows how committed your company is to protecting the privacy of its customers, building their trust and loyalty.
  • Enhanced Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations: Integrates your PIMS with data privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Improved Data Security Posture: Strengthens your overall information security posture by emphasizing best practices for data privacy.

Key Requirements of ISO 27701:2019

The basis of ISO 27701 certification is building a strong PIMS.

  • Data Governance and Accountability: This defines the exact tasks and duties of the organization to protect its data.
  • Risk Assessment for Privacy Threats: Identifies and evaluates any privacy concerns, including illegal access and data breaches.
  • Implementing Controls to Protect Personal Information: Establishes safeguards against privacy threats, including data encryption, access limits, and guidelines for data preservation.
  • Data Breach Notification Procedures: Outlines an exact process for finding, disclosing, and handling breaches of information.

Benefits of ISO 27701 Certification for Your Organization

By achieving ISO 27701 certification, your organization gains a competitive edge:

  • Builds trust with customers and partners.
  • Reduces the risk of data breaches and regulatory fines.
  • Demonstrates compliance with data privacy regulations.
  • Improves operational efficiency and data management practices.

How Can Quality Control Certification Help You Achieve ISO 27701 Certification?

At QCC, we possess extensive experience in guiding organizations through the ISO 27701 certification process. Let us guide you on your path to ISO 27701 certification with our comprehensive suite of services.

  • Gap Analysis: Identify areas where your current practices need to be adapted to meet ISO 27701 requirements.
  • Implementation Support: We assist you in developing and implementing a PIMS that aligns with the ISO 27701 standard.
  • Auditor Training: Prepare your internal audit team to conduct effective PIMS audits.

Process of ISO 27701 Certification with Quality Control Certification

Our collaborative approach ensures a smooth and efficient certification process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your organization's privacy goals and assess your current information security posture.
  2. Gap Analysis and Planning: Identify gaps and develop a tailored implementation plan.
  3. PIMS Development and Implementation: Assist you in developing and implementing your PIMS.
  4. Internal Audits: Conduct internal audits to ensure your PIMS meets ISO 27701 requirements.
  5. Certification Audit: Support you in preparing for and successfully completing the external certification audit.


In today's data-driven world, demonstrating a commitment to responsible data privacy is essential. ISO 27701 certification provides...